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James Island

James Island

James Island

Welcome to James Island, South Carolina, a place where Southern charm meets stunning coastal beauty. Here, you can discover your dream home, whether it’s a charming beach cottage steps from the Atlantic waves, a spacious family home nestled among moss-draped oaks, or a waterfront property with breathtaking views. Start your search today and find your perfect piece of paradise on James Island.

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Why James Island is loved by many

James Island captivates the hearts of many with its enchanting fusion of nature’s splendor, storied past, and vibrant communal spirit. Tucked away in the serene embrace of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, the island’s scenic vistas unfold like a living canvas, adorned with verdant marshlands, meandering waterways, and pristine shorelines. Its innate charm beckons to outdoor enthusiasts, offering an array of recreational delights, from leisurely kayaking adventures to tranquil walks along sun-kissed trails. Blessed with a gentle climate and breathtaking landscapes, James Island inspires a deep connection to the outdoors, inviting both residents and visitors to immerse themselves in its natural wonders.

Yet, it’s not just the allure of its landscapes that enamors those who set foot upon James Island. Steeped in a rich tapestry of history, the island whispers tales of yesteryears through its historic landmarks and cultural heritage. From the weathered ramparts of Fort Johnson to the timeless elegance of James Island Presbyterian Church, history buffs find themselves transported back in time, tracing the footsteps of generations past. Moreover, James Island’s proximity to the historic charm of Charleston adds another layer of appeal, offering a seamless blend of island tranquility and urban sophistication. Amidst the quaint streets and savory aromas of local cuisine, residents revel in the sense of belonging fostered by the island’s tight-knit community. In essence, James Island weaves together the threads of nature, history, and community, creating a tapestry of enchantment that leaves an indelible mark on all who encounter its allure.


Best place to eat in James Island

Chico Feo

Chico Feo is serving the freshest ingredients only found through local fisherman and farmers. We focus on West Indies and Caribbean fare. Featuring Mahi Tacos and House Smoked Pork Tacos. The only place to find homemade tortillas.

Rita’s Seaside Grill

Born November 2, 1946 in Seattle, Washington and raised in Sausalito, California, Bill Hall began his hospitality career on the west coast, as a teenager working in both a restaurant and in the family grocery store. His resilience training came early. Bill’s father fired him after Bill terminated the butcher who had been there for 25 years. But if you know Bill, that tough call was likely the right move.


Bill’s determination was only matched by his deep love for his family and his affection for serving people well. From Napa Valley to Vail, from Pebble Beach to Palmetto Dunes, Bill Hall ran some of the most luxurious resorts in the United States. Along the way, he always invested his time and money in the community, frequently going above and beyond the call for help. If we tried to list all of the charities blessed by Bill Hall and his family, we’d likely fill the page and more. He served on some of South Carolina’s most prestigious boards including the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and Patriots Point Development Authority where Governor Henry McMaster appointed Bill as Chairman. But he never sought the limelight. He put others above self and that graceful humility cultivated relationships beyond count.


Bill and his wife Jeanne fell in love with the Holy City while their daughter, Stacey, attended the College of Charleston. In 2008, alongside sons Tommy and Billy, the family founded Hall Management Group in Charleston. In 2009, they cut the ribbon on the iconic Halls Chophouse Charleston. Opening night, Bill borrowed $100 from his longtime friend Judge Sol Blatt to have money in the cash register. They ended the evening making $58.


The rest is history.

Taco Boy

Longing for the ocean-side fish tacos of her youth, Karalee Nielsen Fallert founded the original Taco Boy on Folly Beach in 2006 to bring fresh Mexican-inspired flavors to the Lowcountry. The downtown Charleston location followed in 2009, Summerville, SC, in 2019, and West Asheville in 2022. Karalee has been a founding partner and co-owner in a dozen restaurant ventures in the Holy City, and is a leading advocate for community projects and women-led initiatives. She’s a positive guiding force behind Taco Boy’s expanding family of taquerias, as well as hospitality group All Good Industries.

Best things to do in James Island

James Island County Park

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission operates over 11,000 acres of property, including regional parks, beach parks, a historic plantation site, landmark fishing piers, waterparks, boat landings, a climbing wall, a challenge course, an interpretive center, an equestrian center, cottages, a campground, a marina, and event facilities. We also offer a variety of recreational services – festivals, camps, classes, programs, and more.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a city on Folly Island, in South Carolina, just south of Charleston. It’s home to Folly Beach Pier, stretching more than 1,000 feet into the ocean. Center Street is lined with surf and souvenir shops. Folly Beach County Park has picnic areas and a pelican rookery. As well as beaches and wildlife-rich habitats, Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve has views of Morris Island Lighthouse, completed in 1876.

The Charleston Pour House

The aim of the Charleston Pour House is to be a regional epicenter for music lovers, artists of various mediums, and other like-minded individuals. We believe that experiencing live music in a unique and vibrant setting will foster positive and lasting relationships between bands, visual artists, The Pour House staff, and guests alike. The Pour House is a home-grown, independently operated music venue, and we are proud to be an integral part of Charleston’s burgeoning music scene.


The city is home to both amazing local musicians and artists and is a welcome stop for touring bands of all levels. The Charleston Pour House is committed to providing our guests, both bands and patrons, with a one of a kind experience. We hope to share our brand of modern, fun-loving hospitality with you soon. Love.Live.Music.

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